Sunday, April 14, 2013

Water baby

Who knows how long it will last but for the time being, we've got a water baby on our hands. BGT and I headed back to the beach last month for spring break with my parents last month and it was so fun to compare how much she has grown since we were last there in October and the July before. She LOVED it in October and even more so this time around. I left my camera at home but still managed to take 537951 pictures on my iPhone.

The pool is heated at the condo so BG loved swimming and although the ocean was still a little cold, she loved playing in the sand. Not to mention I got to try out some of her summer clothes and bathing suits and best of all her sweet little sun hat and Waterbabies sunscreen with is my favorite smell in the whole world! We had a blast! Daddy was a little jealous he didn't have any time off work to go with us.

I CAN NOT WAIT UNTIL WE GO BACK! Really I can't wait for summer in general. I'm dreaming of a pool day. And I think we might start to teach BG to swim this summer. She has started dunking her face under water in the bathtub and blowing bubbles under water. She did it the first time trying to avoid getting her face washed and now she does it all the time! I know it sounds early for swimming lessons but i figure we should strike while the iron is hot and she's interested in it. Not to mention that my sisters and I all started swimming early.

So here are some of my favorite pictures from the beach.

Walk on

Ok folks! We are OFFICIALLY WALKING. As in would rather walk than crawl style.

Around 10 months she started taking a step or two from person to person then around 10.5 months she started consistently being able to walk from person to person for a few steps. At 11 months to the day she walked the first time independently on her own with no one prompting her. Around then she really started to realize she could take steps on her own and we would see her take a couple of good steps here and there but then about two weeks ago it was like a switch flipped and she started zooming everywhere. Now she would rather walk than crawl which amazes me. She's so short with teensy feet so even though she's almost a year old and not really an early walker, she still looks a little funny to me! I just love that little munchkin. When she stops playing, walks over to me and lays her head against my leg to "love mama" I melt.

Yesterday was her one year photo shoot, her attitude was not the best because she is in the "investigate and play with everything she is not supposed to play with" phase but that's ok! I've seen one preview shot which was really cute so at least I know I'll have one! I can not believe that one year ago today was my due date and that in 4 little days she will be ONE! Her party is in a week and I can't wait!!! Pictures to follow!!! (I need it to rain a lot leading up to the party so that my allergies will keep in check. Fingers crossed!)

And lastly, TODAY I am picking up a nice gallon of whole milk because this week we start the transition from breast milk to whole milk. The fact that I have lasted a year amazes me for sure! WOW. Prayers for an easy transition.

Happy birthday week to my munchkin (and me too I suppose :) ) and a lovely week to you all!