Thursday, May 14, 2015

Dear Pierce (9 and 10 months)

Dear Pierce, 

We have had a busy few weeks so I'm combining your 9 and 10 month updates. You are now TEN months old! How did this happen. You are a true boy. You are in to everything! Finding a moment to write your update post has been virtually impossible because we can't take our eyes off of your for a second! Here is what you have been up to! 

-Woohoo! March 11 you got tubes after a million ear infections and a failed hearing test. We also had your hearing retested at your second post-op and you PASSED!!! We have noticed a huge difference in your speech, hearing and balance since the surgery. The day of your surgery, when we walked outside, there were birds chirping and you spun your head around looking for the noise. It was amazing to see what difference it was after they removed the fluid from your ears.
-March 9 we noticed you had two teeth! We could feel them through the gums before and you had a double ear infection so you were very cranky so we passed it off as ears but nope! 2 teeth :)
-at your 9 month check up you were: 19 lbs 9 oz (30th percentile) and 27 1/2 inches (10th percentile) and at your tubes post op you were up to almost 21 pounds! Big boy!
-you are still in a size 3 diaper and wear 9, 12 and 18 month clothes depending on the fit. You wear a size 2-3 shoe.
-you are a man on a mission! You crawl so fast and are in to everything!  You started cruising around 9 months and you have a very long reach :) Whenever you are playing, you will speed off around the corner and we will ask your sister what you are doing and she will say "Pierce is getting into mischief!" And she's usually right.
-you are babbling so much. You say da da all the time. You were saying bye bye and doing the motion but you stopped and went back to da da da da all the time. You love to babble and you are very loud! Your teachers say that they have to take you into the other room when you get up because you are so loud, you wake up the other kids in your class.
-you are in your last month of school for this school year! Soon it will be summer and we are excited to take you to the lake and the beach so you can enjoy the water. You love to splash in the bathtub so we hope you will enjoy the water this summer.
-you eat everything! We reintroduced the foods that have given you issues in the past without incident. The only food we haven't reintroduced is prunes. You have excellent hand eye coordination and very good fine motor skills. You did puréed foods for a little bit but you quickly moved to solids and you prefer that because you enjoy feeding yourself.
-you have been on all sippy cups since right after 10 months. You normally do 3-4 sippy cups with 5.5-6. Oz of breastmilk a day. You also have been doing 3 meals a day and a snack since March. You do yogurt, oatmeal or puréed apples for breakfast, a combo of fruit, veggies, beans, brown rice, pasta or cheese for lunch and then whatever we are having for dinner. So far you are not very picky but we will see if that lasts! 
-you love toys and playing with things you are not supposed to be playing with, especially small toys that belong to your sister. 
-we try to keep you away from the stairs because you climbed up a small step up at the lake house and so we know you can climb.
-you still like a paci when you sleep.
-you are very ticklish and you love to play peekaboo and Where's Pierce?
-you think your sister and the dogs are so funny. You have the best laugh. 

We have enjoyed you so much over the past months. You are seriously the best baby and such a joy to be around. We can't wait to see what is next for you :) we love you so much!

Love, Mommy and Daddy

Monday, March 30, 2015

Dear Pierce (8 months!)

Dear Pierce,

You are eight months and on the move buddy! There is no other way to describe this month. You are a baby-on-the-go. It is amazing how much you have changed over the last month. Here is a little of what you've been up to:

-you are 19 pounds one ounce. 
-you are still wearing size 3 pampers and size 4 baby dry at night. 
-you wear a size 2-3 shoe and 6 and 6-9 month clothes
-you have no teeth yet but we can now see them under the gums
-you started eating puffs and it's really cute. You weren't sure about them at first but as soon as he picked up the concept you got really good at it really fast. You love to pick up a lot of them at a time and put them all in your mouth at once. 
-you have also tried lots of new foods this month. We haven't found anything you don't like yet :)
-you are curious about everything. Before you wanted to put everything in your mouth and you still do that but now you like to inspect everything first. 
-you can crawl now and can go from sitting to crawling and back to sitting on your own. Your crawl is a mix between an army crawl and the worm. You can also crawl on your knees a bit but then you flip down into an army crawl because you can get there faster. 
-you are in to everything. I see serious baby proofing in our future. We never baby proofed with your sister but it is going to be necessary this time around.
-you are scheduled for tubes 2/25!!! We have rescheduled due to winter weather and office closings and fingers crossed this time it will go forward! You have been so miserable and have had constant ear infections since December! We are ready to see you get some relief and hopefully to improve your hearing too :)
-you still love to smile and chatter. So far your only word is Da-Da but we are working hard on Ma-Ma!!! 

We love you so much buddy. You are the sweetest most snuggly baby ever. We never knew what we were missing until you arrived. You are the perfect addition to our family!


Mommy and Daddy

***total mommy fail! I was getting together your 9 month post and I realized I never hit post on your 8 month that I wrote in February!!!! Oops!***

Friday, February 13, 2015

Dear Pierce (7 months)

Dear Pierce,

SEVEN MONTHS!?!? How did this happen so fast? You are the cutest and sweetest baby. You are growing so fast, it's hard to keep up. You have had a busy month so here is a little of what you've been up to:

-you are still wearing 3-6 and 6-9 month clothes. You wear a size 3 diaper.
-you are very mobile these days. You don't crawl yet but you spin on your stomach and roll everywhere. 
-you are very curious and want to grab everything. 
-you are very good at sharing your toys with your sister. If seems like every you you play with, she wants. We are still working on sharing with her :)
-you go to school from 7:30-4:00. You take 2 naps at school. One in the morning around 9 and the other after you've had lunch around 12. When you get home, you have a small catnap for about 30 minutes.
-we saw the allergist this month and you tested negative for food allergies. You were having a severe immune allergy but we are still trying to figure out what you are reacting to. Your reaction was so bad they had to test for allergies in your thighs because it was the only place you didn't have a rash. You were such a trooper. Now you have an extended beauty routine and we go back later in the month for more testing. 
-now that you have seen the allergist, we are back on solids twice a day. You also get a sippy cup of water which you mostly just like to chew on :) you are still doing 4 bottles a day, 7.5 oz. 
-your poor sweet ears are still infected. You have been on so many medicines since before Christmas, I've lost count. I see tubes in your future :(
-you love to chatter. No real words just yet!
-you learned to clap this month and it is so cute. We say yay! And you clap. You also clap and look around when you are proud of yourself. I could eat you up!!!
-you love when we build you a castle out of blocks. We say "knock em down!" And you do and then smile and clap! :)
-you love to be held and snuggle. You are very ticklish. 
-you've gotten used to the dogs now. You like to watch them play and you don't mind when they come up to you or even when they lick you before we can stop them
-you are a drooling and chewing machine. So far no teeth.
-you love blankets. You love to be warm and snuggly and wrapped up. We can't give you a blanket in your crib yet but I imagine when you get bigger we will come in to find you wiggled down into a pile of covers. 

We love you sweet boy! 


Mommy and Daddy

Disclaimer: this post was written weeks ago but I never got a moment to post it :)

Monday, January 5, 2015

Dear Pierce (6 months!)

Dear Pierce,

Happy (very belated) half birthday to you! This first 6 months has flown by! 

We are a little (ok a lot) late with your six month update because you not only got the flu but you gave it to the rest of the family! Luckily you are so cute, no one could hold it against you! It all started with what we thought was a bad reaction to your six month shots but it turned out to be flu. By them time we realized it, you had already passed it around. While dealing with the flu, you got your first ear infection and needed your first antibiotic! :( Once you got over the ear infection you caught a bug from your sister! Hopefully you will be
 This has been a big month for you and here is a little bit about what you've been doing:

- you had your six month check up on the 15th of December and you weighed 17 pounds, 1 ounce (40-50th percentile) and were 25 1/2 inches long (10th percentile) . 
-you still wear size 2 diapers and mostly 3-6 and 6 month clothes. You still wear a size 2 shoe.
-you are the sweetest, happiest baby. When you cry, we know you need something. You do have a tiny spoiled cry you still use for attention but you rarely need it because everyone always wants to hold and love on you!
- you had your first Thanksgiving this month but you were too little to try any turkey :)
- you did however start solids this month! You started about a week before you turned 6 months. At 6 months you had tried oatmeal, apples and sweet potato but you developed an allergy which we believe is to the sweet potato. We are still trying to confirm because you've shown a bit of an allergy to a few things! In the last 2 weeks you have added in peas, green beans and peaches. You love everything you've tried so far! Now that you have tried food, you notice every time someone is eating and you open your mouth like you want a bite :)
-right after 6 months we transitioned you to 4 feedings a day (7 ounces of breast milk) you are also doing 1-2 feedings of solids a day about 2-3 ounces of solids per feeding
-right at 6 months we introduced the sippy cup. You are still trying to figure out what it is!
- you learned to sit unassisted this month! Now that you can sit you love to sit in the floor and play with toys, your sister and to pet the doggies. 
-you still love to make sounds and mommy and daddy are trying really hard to get you to say their name as your first word. So far no luck! You still make a motorboat noise when you are frustrated. 
-you still like a paci so we got you some bigger pacis since you had outgrown the tiny ones.
-you love baths and to splash in the tub. You also love toys, blankets and to play peekaboo. You love it when people sing to you or talk in silly voices. You think your sister is hilarious.
-at night, you started rolling straight to your tummy to sleep. You normally sleep from around 7:30-6:30. You are sleeping in a sleep sack to keep you warm at night!

We love you so much buddy! We are having so much fun enjoying the holidays and our vacation with you! 


Mommy & Daddy