Saturday, June 2, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend and Some

Whew! This has felt like the fastest week ever and this post is long overdue!

To kick off memorial day weekend BGT hung out with her Mimi (Sean's mom) while I went to the pool with my sisters. It was nice to have a little break and relax for a couple of hours. My sister Lauren's husband was headed to the beach for a deep sea fishing trip so we packed her up and headed to my house for the weekend. My little sister Morgan came too and we made it into a slumber party!!

Friday night we went to my cousin Elenie's gender reveal party. It was so much fun. They put confetti in black balloons and El and her husband Ben along with their parents popped the balloons to reveal the baby's gender. IT'S A BOY!!! Which by the way I have known since the first moment she told me she was pregnant. Had it been a girl I would have been shell-shocked :) We are so excited for Baby C and can't wait for him to get here to play with BGT. We are already plotting matching outfits and coordinating Halloween costumes for them to wear!

Mom and BGT getting ready for the pool
Saturday morning we got up early and went to a Memorial Day cookout at my Aunt Carol's house. (My mom had to work on the actual holiday so we had our party a little early). We had so much fun hanging out with family. We swam in the pool and grilled smoked sausage and my dad's famous ribs. Lauren made the most delish roasted tomato salsa which we devoured in mere minutes! My grandparents came by to visit and love on BGT. She loved all the attention not to mention so many people to hold her.

The best part of the day to me I think was that BGT got to wear her swim suit for the first time. We literally COVERED HER TOP TO TOE in sunscreen (yes, I asked the pediatrician first) and kept her in the shade and in her sun hat the whole day to keep her cool.

BGT chillin in the shade
Pool Day Re-do
We had so much fun Saturday we decided to have a Memorial Day party part 2 the next day. We stopped by Target on the way home and picked up supplies to make more salsa and hummus dip and could not resist buying a girlie movie since the girls were staying the night again. Sean watched sports and the baby so we could all curl up on the couch with blankets and watch the Vow with Channing Tatum. It was super fun, just like when we were kids at our parents house watching movies :)

I picked up a precious Red, White and Blue ruffled swim suit for BGT to wear but sadly we had a diaper explosion of epic proportions so it never made it out of the house. I didn't even get a picture in it... Oh well! There is always the 4th of July!

Sunday night we came home to a broken air conditioner :( It started freezing up last year at the end of the summer but we never got it fixed. We turned it off in hopes that it would thaw but sadly we woke up to an 80 degree house on Memorial Day. Getting a service call on a national holiday is all but impossible so there was not much we could do to fix the problem. There was a nice breeze on the patio and we turned on the fan so that we could hang out outside for most of the day but once the afternoon heat struck we packed up shop and headed to my parents house. You would not believe the truck load of stuff we took to their house. I will say it was helpful to let me know how to pack for our upcoming trips to the beach and Cincinnati which are coming up soon!

It took a couple days to get someone out to fix the problem and we finally returned to an air conditioned home on Thursday. A special thanks to my parents for letting us take over their house for the week and to my aunt Carol for letting us come over and play by the pool on Wednesday!

Tuesday I had a re-eval with my physical therapist which showed I have not made any improvement :( So, Thursday I met with an Orthopedic surgeon and yesterday had an MRI on my neck. (I have been having issues with my neck since the first week in April when I was on bedrest with Bennett Grace- I have been in physical therapy since 1 week after I delivered her with no relief) Hopefully this will get to the bottom of what is wrong with my neck so that I can get back to feeling good again. Taking care of an infant in this much pain is no fun at all!!

BUT even with all of this going on the BEST part of this weekend is that BGT is officially smiling. She has been doing it on and off for a little while but now it is deliberate! She smiles with her eyes and her mouth and lets out a teeny giggle noise it is he cutest thing ever. One of these days I will catch a picture of it, I never seem to have the camera ready :)

So- in short, we have had a busy busy week and we are worn slap out!

Lessons learned this week...

1) air conditioning is ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY even in May when you live in Alabama and have an infant
2) If you pick out a holiday outfit for your baby, you might want to pack a spare in the diaper bag.
3) Buy the swing! Even if it is a little expensive- IT IS WORTH IT.
4) Packing for an infant takes 10 times longer than for a grown up.

BGT and Aunt Morgan

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