Saturday, December 1, 2012

Giving thanks and holidaying

The Taylors have been one busy family the past couple weeks! We had wonderful double Thanksgiving (Gigi and Papa D's for lunch and Mimi and Pop's for dinner). Then Friday we went back to Gigi's for leftovers and to hang out with more family! So much fun! My cousin El came over and we took a bunch of pictures of the babies together. They are less than 6 months apart and we are bound and determined to make them BFFs :)

Sadly the rest of the long weekend I spent with a stomach virus so BGT got to spend lots of time with just her and her daddy!

We have gotten into holiday mode and the tree is up! I'm still working on the rest of the house. We have scaled back a bit since having BGT around this year which Sean is super pleased about. Hopefully it will all come together. BGT is obsessed with the tree, the lights, presents, ribbon, and anything else she can get her hands on. She can't quite crawl yet but she gets to the tree no matter where we put her. It's a reach/scoot/roll combo but she is quite effective getting where she wants these days.

Last week she pulled up to standing holding onto my Rubbermaid tub of Christmas ribbon. I grabbed my camera and caught her as she fell back onto on knee. She did it two more times and she was so proud of herself. All because she wanted to pull ribbon out. Pure determination. I can't believe how fast time is going by. Last christmas i dreamed of having her here and in April when she was born, Christmas seemed a world away. People tend to say... She will be so much fun when ______. But to be honest I've had so much fun in every stage I'm just content where we are at enjoying every minute.

Our Christmas card came in and it is BEAUTIFUL. Once they are in the mail I will share here.

Today we had her picture with Santa. The professional one is better, obvi, but here is a quick one off my iPhone, along with some pictures from the past few weeks, my Instagram and some beautiful ones taken by my sister Lauren on Thanksgiving.

Happy holidays :)

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  1. Those pictures from Thanksgiving are so good! Y'all all look so beautiful! ;) I love the picture of BGT and Coop. Best friends already!