Sunday, March 31, 2013

Dear Bennett Grace (11 months)

Dear Bennett Grace,

This month has been a busy month for us! You are enjoying the warmer weather and got to go visit Auburn for the first time. We can not believe how much you are learning and growing. You are like a sponge and soak up everything around you.

Here's a little bit about what your are doing these days:

-you are still in size 2 diapers and wear 9-12mo. clothing. You have the teensiest feet! You are still wearing a size two shoe and they are on the big side.
-you still only have two teeth on the bottom and we haven't seen any signs to think we should expect any more anytime soon!
-you have so many nicknames. Most of the time we refer to you as BGT or call you Shugga, Shug, Shuggie, or Shuglet.
-for the first part of the month, you had 2 bottles and 2 sippy cups of breast milk per day, 6 oz morning and night and 3 oz twice during the day. Toward the end of the month we swapped out your morning and evening bottles for a sippy cup and the only time you mind it is at night if your are very tired.
-you are eating three meals a day and LOVE feeding yourself. You feed yourself tons of things (pretty much everything we eat) but you really love to feed yourself bananas, turkey, avocado, strawberries and cheese shreds most of all! You get a little feisty when we try to feed you your purées because you want to do it all by yourself!
-You are adding more words that we can even count. You are like a tiny parrot and you repeat everything we say... Except Mama... Grrr!
-your favorite person is your Gigi. You would rather she hold you if she is in the room!
-the weather has started to warm up a bit and you have enjoyed rolling around in your red wagon Santa brought you for Christmas!
-You love books and counting things. We will look through your books and tell you about all the pictures. You love when you point to something in a room and we tell you what it is.
- You have started pointing out objects when we ask you where they are.
-you are obsessed with pictures. You like us to tell you who each person is. You say who is it? And what is it? All the time.
- you love to talk to anyone and everyone. you smile and wave and love it when you get someone's attention.
- you also think its so funny to sneeze and now you fake sneeze all the time and wait to hear us say Skat! or Bless you! And then you crack up
-you crawl so fast and are still getting into anything and everything.
-you have a feisty little attitude and we are working to control your "Taylor Temper" when you don't get your way.
-you love stuffed animals and push toys.
-you started taking a few steps from one person to another but you really prefer to crawl because you can get there faster. At 11 months to the day you took your first unprompted steps. You wanted to get from the ottoman to the couch and your usual path was blocked so you just turned and walked there! Mommy and daddy were right there to witness it too!
-your favorite thing to do it seems is pull off your shoes and socks. You usually wait until someone is watching and you pull them off and then have a look of victory on your face.
-you still love to put things where they go, stack things up, sort things into piles and knock things down. You like to play with blocks and puzzles and most of all you love books! You love to be read to and to look at the pictures.
-you love children and babies so much. You smile and wave and stare at them wherever we go!
-this month we took you to Auburn for the first time to visit Brad and Lauren and to say farewell to the Toomer's Corner Oak Trees. It was a beautiful day and we walked around and took your pictures all around town. You had your first Toomer's lemonade too! You loved it.
-you have the best laugh! You will clap your hands together and laugh or you will laugh so hard when your daddy tickles you that you gasp for breath! Your smile is contagious and we just love you so much.

It is amazing to think that you are almost one year old. It feels like the past eleven months has flown by. You are so special angel. We love you so much and can't wait to see what the upcoming days have to offer.


Mommy & Daddy

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  1. Happy 11 months BGT!! Love the picture of her with her bath toys!