Wednesday, May 29, 2013

My Own Little Hourglass

I am once again behind on my blogging and for good reason! We have been SO BUSY LATELY!! Not to mention that Bennett Grace is in to everything. All the time. Every single thing. Her current obsessions are hats, balls, stuffed animals and dolls, animals, and Gigi.

She is so freaking smart it blows my mind. I know she's my child and I'm totally partial but in my head she's a two foot tall genius. She walks around the house naming everything she sees. I can not even count how many words she says and how many things she points out. It is to the point that not only does she repeat back what you say when you say something like "can you say sprinkler?" But she has started walking up to things I didn't even know she knows and calling them by name. My favorite thing is when she makes connections in her head when things are the same, like her dolls eyes, her eyes and my eyes, etc. For example today she was playing with my ponytail and she said "hair" and "OooooOooooh pretty!" (Copying my mom of course!) then later when she was playing with a rocking horse at my mom's house she touched it's hair which was made of yarn and said "hair!" and smiled at me. Then tonight when Sean was changing her diaper she looked at his arm and pulled on his arm hair and said hair and just beamed! It cracked him up so much.

She also is in this busy body phase. She pulls everything out all the time. Drawers, cabinets, toy baskets, blankets, you name it. It is hard to keep things clean for sure. She also runs. Literally runs. I feel like I should be burning major calories chasing her. She loves to play or should I say demands to play "OUTSIDE!! OUTSIDE!! OUTSIIIIIIDE!!!" We are working on patience, asking nicely not screaming and saying please and thank you. Reasoning with a toddler is more difficult than I imagined, however she has started learning and she actually seems to be understanding when i talk to her so apparently it is working.

We took our first weekend trip away and she stayed with Mimi and Pop. We are also transitioning to our summer schedule so she is splitting days between Mimi and Gigi. I CAN NOT WAIT UNTIL JULY so that I can finally get a few full days with her. I can't believe this time last year she was only just over a month old. Mind blown. I don't think I really ever appreciated how fast time goes by until I had her. She is a physical representation of time for me. She is ever present and ever changing. My own little hourglass.

Here's a few pictures from the last few weeks :) Now on to catching up on all of your blogs!

Happy summer my little blogger friends!


  1. Love that! "Hourglass" is so accurate! I just wish we could somehow slow the sand from falling so quickly! Time is flying LG will be eight months on Monday. BG is prettier than ever!