Monday, July 29, 2013

Dear BGT

Dear BGT,

You are fifteen months old!!! We can't even believe for one second how quickly you have grown. When you were a newborn we wondered what you would be like as a toddler. We could have never imagined how quickly we would find out.

You are in to everything. You do not walk, you run. You have the biggest smile and the tightest hugs. You laugh all the time. You love to be silly and you can be very sweet. You talk all the time. If you are awake you are chatting. You love to explore and to ask questions. You are amazing and we love you so much.

Here's a little of what you've been up to over the last three months:

-July 19th we had your 15 month well checkup with Dr. S. you were 20 lbs 13 oz (50th percentile) and 29 inches long (10th percentile). Dr. S said you were very smart! You walked around his office pointing at all of the animals and telling him their names and the noise they make. He was telling mommy how good your speech development was for your age when you started naming off all the parts of your face. Then you pointed to all the parts on mommy, Dr. S and the animal pictures on the wall. He was impressed that you could make the connections . Obviously mommy was proud :)
-You just moved up to size 3 diapers when we ran out of size 2. They are a little big on you and look a little funny :)
-you are still in mostly 9-12 month clothing with a couple of 18 month.
-you talk ALL the time! You say well over hundred words, use 3-5 word sentences and can say your ABC's through letter G. You know many animals and their sounds, shapes, colors, foods, body parts, household items and peoples names. you wake up talking and spend the day naming off everything you see. We are so blown away by you every single day. We are so grateful so have such a smart funny baby.
-you are a really good eater and love to feed yourself. We are working on using a fork and spoon and you are getting very good at it.
-you have spent most of the summer with Mimi with a few days with Gigi in between. You have spent a lot of time outside playing with bubbles, your water table and your motorized car. You love to go to the park and the zoo, but your favorite thing to do is to go swimming. You love the water and you love to try to swim on your own. You have no fear when it comes to water which is quite scary for mommy and daddy. We aren't quite ready to let you go just yet and you are too small for floaties so it is a challenge to keep our eyes on you.
-you start daycare in just over a week! You will go three days a week and then stay with Gigi two days.
-you love to blow kisses, give kisses, high fives, fist pounds and best of all bear hugs.
-you love blocks, balls, puzzles, stuffed animals, things that make noise, electronics, and things you can climb on.
-you love to show off to new people. You know how to turn on the charm. You smile and bat your eyelashes and say HEY!! People are instantly charmed by you. When we take you to the grocery, we call you our little greeter because you say hey and smile and wave to everyone. If someone is by chance not looking at you or not paying attention you keep waving and keeping saying hey! Louder and louder until they respond. Then you smile and your whole face lights up. It is precious.
-you love to take baths and brush your teeth and hair. You say brusha brusha and baaaaaath!!! And demand to get "all clean". We will see how long that lasts!!

We love you so much sweet baby girl. We are so thankful every single day that you are in our lives. We can not wait to see what the rest of this year has in store for us!

With love, 

Mommy and Daddy

** this post was written at the end of July but it would seem that I forgot to post it!! Oops! Mommy brain!

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