Saturday, July 19, 2014

Dear Pierce (one month)

Dear Pierce, 

Happy One Month buddy!!! Mommy and Daddy can not believe how quickly you are growing! It is amazing how seamlessly you have fit into our family. It is like you have always been with us. You are the perfect addition to our family and everyone is so excited to finally have a boy in the family!!! 

Here is what you've been up to this month:

-at your one month check up you were up to 8 pounds, 13 ounces (20th percentile) and 20 inches (5th percentile). We were excited to hear that you are growing right on track!
-after you were born you lost a considerable amount of weight. Your lowest recorded weight was 6 pounds 2 ounces but you may have dropped even below that. You were up and down over the first 2 weeks which resulted in daily doctor visits. We fed you every 2 hours the first two weeks and once we got you up to 7 pounds 2 ounces they were pleased with your growth and we were given the ok to let you eat on demand.
-soon after you were born we learned you had ABO incompatibility which resulted in jaundice. (This basically means your blood and mommy's blood types are not the same and they mixed during pregnancy or delivery) Because you were Coombs positive they kept a tight watch on your bilirubin levels and you spent some time under the bili lights. It broke mommy's heart to see them constantly pricking your tiny feet to check your levels.
-You wore premie diapers for about 2 1/2 weeks but are now are wearing newborn diapers and newborn clothes. We expected you to be much bigger so we had to run out and buy smaller sizes of everything. 
-at one month you eat about 8 times a day. Every 2-3 hours during the day with usually one 4 hour and 3 hour stretch at night. We rotate back and forth between breastfeeding and expressed milk bottles because you got used to bottles in the beginning when we were closely monitoring your feedings. When you take a bottle, you are taking in 3 oz bottles of breast milk. 
-you sleep in a bassinet in mommy and daddy's room. You are a very noisy sleeper! You love to be swaddled.
-you get the hiccups and sneeze ALL THE TIME
-you tee tee every time when change your diaper. You also go not appreciate diaper changes. 
-you have dark blue eyes and light brown hair.
-you have your daddy's lips and feet, other than that we are still trying  to figure out who you look like.
-overall you are a very sweet baby. You cry occasionally when you need attention but mostly when you are hungry or in need of a diaper change.
-at one month, you and mommy both came down with a cold!! No fun for either you or mommy.
-your sister Bennett Grace loves you so much. She loves to help take care of you and she tends to relocate your pacis from time to time. 

We love you so much bubby! We can not wait to watch you learn and grow. You make every single day special.

With love, 

Mommy and Daddy

Meredith Rowlen Photography
Meredith Rowlen Photography


  1. Such a cutie pie! Love the BG loves him so much! I'm praying that the same goes for LG and Liam!

  2. Soo cute! And I love their matching outfits.