Monday, September 22, 2014

Dear Pierce (3 months!)

Dear Pierce,

Happy 3 months bubby!! We are enjoying you so much these days. You are the sweetest baby. This month has been a big month for you as mommy went back to work this month when you were 12 weeks old and you started daycare! Mommy and Daddy can't wait until the weekend to spend time with you.

Here is what you've been up to this month: 

-you turned three months on Monday. On Thursday you weighed 14 pounds 3 ounces which is 50-60th percentile. 
-you are wearing 0-3 and 3 month clothes and size 1 diapers which you are filling out! You wear size 2 baby dry pampers at night.
-you are eating 6 times a day 5 oz per feeding. You go about 3 hours between feedings. You are still nursing some when mommy isn't working. 
-we still have no idea what color your hair is! Sometimes it is blond, sometime it is light brown and sometimes it is red.
-you are sleeping through the night! Usually you go to sleep around 9:30 and wake up at around 6:30 for school. 
-you still love to be swaddled.
-you moved from sleeping in your cradle in the pack n play to your rock n play for the second half of this month and this past weekend you started sleeping flat in the pack n play as we get ready to transition you to your own room! 
-you took your first trip to the beach this month at 11 weeks! You loved the pool but you didn't love the ocean. You spent most of your time snoozing in the shade in your tent. Daddy had to work and he was sad to miss the trip.
-you love warm baths
-you love to talk and babble
-you love to smile and giggle. You are very ticklish and you love Eskimo kisses :)
-you are getting better with eye contact this month as well and you just started grabbing toys over the past few days.
-you are still working on neck strength. You aren't interested in tummy time and you just lay quietly. We were a little concerned but the doctor checked you out and thinks you are just very laid back like your daddy! 
-you have very distinct cries for when you are tired, hungry, wet or need attention.
-you are like a magnet for your sister. She is always next to you or trying to give you a hug or your paci. She loves to talk to you and make you smile. 

We love you so much little one. You fill our hearts with so much happiness every single day.

Love, Mommy & Daddy

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