Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Dear Bennett Grace (10 months!)

Sweet angel, we can not even explain to you how amazed we are that you are already ten months old! Double digits. WOW. You are so full of energy, a little bit of a spitfire but still so sweet and beautiful. You are growing and learning so fast it is hard to keep up.

Here is a little of what you have been up to this month:

You are still pretty true to size wearing 6-9 and 9-12 clothing. You are on the short side like your mama so we roll up the sleeves and hems on most things. You are still in a size 2 Pampers.
-You are drinking 4 bottles of breast milk a day. 6 oz in the morning and before bed and 4 oz around lunch and in the afternoon. Your afternoon bottle is in a sippy cup as we work to transition you over to the sippy. You don't mind it unless you are tired and then you want a bottle! (You were drinking 5 oz during the day lost month but you always left an ounce so right around ten months we reduced to 4 oz)
- you have 3 meals a day consisting of mostly homemade fruit and veggie purees or oatmeal but this month you started adding in some finger foods at dinner too! You also tried cheese, yogurt, turkey, chicken and pork this month too.
- You talk all the time. Chatterbox is the only word that comes to mind. You now say (with purpose) hey, hi, Daddy, Papa D, Gigi, DeDe, bye-bye, light, bite, puppy, doggie, and thank you. You allegedly said Mama several times for Gigi but you haven't said it since.
-You are still really big on "putting things where they go" or where you think they should go.
- You love knocking down things. Mama and Daddy stack your blocks and you knock them down instantly and laugh.
- You are also very in to throwing things- especially toys, sippy cups and food. if you don't like what you are eating or if you don't want it anymore you pick up each piece and drop them on the floor.
- You are overall a very happy baby. However when you dont get your nap or when you get tired, you get very grumpy. You will swat and grab and pull hair. We are working on that!
- You are still cruising around everywhere. we invested in nice baby gates which is working out very nicely. You love to walk holding our finger and you pull up on everything. You have started standing here and there without holding on to anything but only for a few seconds at a time. You are EVERYWHERE and in EVERYTHING. We have very few pictures of you smiling this month because you are too busy playing to stop for pictures!
- you have little bitty feet. I have trouble finding cute shoes and hard soles in your size. You also love to be barefoot and you constantly are pulling off your shoes and socks!
- You love pushing buttons on phones, remote controls, BluRay players and cable boxes!
- You no longer like to wear headbands or hats. you have a major meltdown every time.
- you are really in to things you can push. You love push toys but you make a push toy out of pretty much anything. You also are really in to stuffed animals. If we say " oh love it!" You will squeeze the stuffed animal and hug it tight.
- You started giving kisses this month just in time to celebrate your first valentine's day. You also give high fives now which your Daddy loves.
-when you are tired and drinking a bottle you run your fingers through your hair. It is so sweet and you look so peaceful.

Baby girl, Mommy and Daddy can not believe you are getting so close to a year old. We have already started planning your party! Time has simply flown by. It is amazing how much you have learned and grown in such little time. Your personality has really started to show and it is so fun to interact with you and watch the excitement come across your face when we understand what you are talking about or what you want. You are such a blessing every single day.

We love you so much,

Mommy & Daddy

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  1. Love her owl sticky! So cute!! She sounds like a busy little thing! I have a feeling we are headed that way very soon with Londyn Grace!