Saturday, May 19, 2012

Dear Bennett Grace

Dear Bennett Grace,

Yesterday you were one month old! Mommy and Daddy can not believe how fast time has gone by. We think you are approaching 9 pounds but we won't know for sure until your one month checkup on Monday. You are still wearing newborn diapers and newborn clothes but you are filling them out. You get the hiccups at least half a dozen times a day just like you did in Mommy's tummy. You love to be swaddled but you are quite the escape artist and always end up sneaking your arms out. We call you Boogie because you are always moving and wiggling no matter where you are. You boogie to the bottom of your bassinet and changing table and prop your feet on the edge. It cracks us up because there is so much room at the top but you manage to squish yourself at the very bottom. You eat ALL THE TIME!! You are up to 4 oz of milk every 2 hours and most of the time you don't even make it a full 2 hours. You have skinny little legs and arms, the tiniest tummy and best of all the biggest cheeks! You get this from your Daddy and your Aunt Lauren.

You had a hard couple of weeks where you cried a lot. We called the doctor and they gave you some medicine for reflux. You have been taking it for a couple days and seem to be feeling better. You are a great sleeper at night time but you aren't the biggest fan of day time naps. You like to be held all the time, we are working on a little independence but you are not really interested in that right now. You love it when your Aunt Morgan comes to visit because she has the "magic touch". Whenever she picks you up you stop crying. Yesterday was your Aunt Heather's nurse anesthesia graduation and you were an angel. You even went to dinner afterwards and got lots of compliments for your preciousness, good behavior and even your name. You also got a visit from mommy and daddy's friend Amy who made and brought your birth announcements! We can't wait to get them out to all our friends and family to show you off!!

Mommy and Daddy waited a long time for you, so when we learned about you it was the greatest gift. We called you our little poppyseed because that was how big you were when we learned we would one day be your Mommy and Daddy. We carefully chose your name; Bennett which came from your Great Great Grandmother Nora Bennett and Grace, as your Great Granddaddy Jones likes to say is a reference to Ephesians 2:8 "For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God". We spent months planning your nursery and imagining the day you would be in it. Now that you are here you fill every day with happiness, joy, and laughter. We love being your Mommy and Daddy. We promise to do our best to instill in you good morals and values and to help you grow up to be a happy and overall good and kind person.

With love,

Mommy and Daddy

BGT with Gigi
Swaddled, boogied down in the bassinet
Attempting to get a picture in your one month onesie


  1. Well I just cried! She is so beautiful and I just love her to pieces.

  2. this is so precious. you are such a wonderful mommy!