Saturday, May 12, 2012

Lessons learned in the first 3 weeks

Don't cry over spilled milk does not apply when talking about breast milk.

People who tell you to "sleep when the baby sleeps" have never had children or have forgotten all the things you have to do when they are sleeping.

Ultrasounds are not an adequate predictor of weight... Even if they do tell you it can be off by a pound in either direction.

The pack n' play was created to keep mommies and daddies sane.

You can never have enough bottles and even the "good" bottles leak on occasion.

If you buy a lot of size one diapers, your baby will probably be teeny and send you rushing out for newborn diapers.

If you are running late or in a rush there is a 99% likelihood that your baby will dirty a second (or third) diaper right after you change her or if you are really late, she will probably dirty up her outfit or tinkle or poop on your changing table.

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