Friday, July 20, 2012

Dear Bennett Grace

Dear Bennett Grace,

Mommy and Daddy can not even believe how fast you are growing. You seem to grow every time we blink our eyes. I have taken to calling you my sugar because you are so sweet! It is amazing to think that only three months ago we would sit and talk about what you would look like and how you would act and the person you would one day grow up to be. It is such a joy to watch you learn and grow each day.

Here are a few things you were up to this month:

-You found your hands and feet :) You are trying very hard to get your tiny toes into your mouth but you aren't quite there. Your hands are ALWAYS in your mouth. Not a thumb or a finger, your WHOLE hand.
-You love to hold on to things and bring them to your mouth. (Toys, your clothes, you name it, it is in your mouth.)  Mommy and Daddy were so proud of you the first time you made the connection to your mouth with a toy and did not bonk yourself in the head. It may sound silly to you but we thought you were the smartest thing ever :)
-You are a little chatterbox! You love to make noises and blow bubbles. When mommy gets home from work she talks to you and asks you silly questions like "Are you a Chicka Chicka Boom or a Boom Boom Chicka?" and you giggle and smile like it is the funniest thing you have ever heard. When your Daddy gets home he makes faces and noises and you love it.
-You smile ALL the time and we can not get enough of it.
-You are eating 5 ounces of breast milk 5 to 6 times a day.
-You are still in size one diapers and size 0-3 and 3-6 month clothes.
-You love a warm bath and you are all smiles when we take you out and wrap you in a hooded towel. We think you are just precious!
-Your Gigi bought you a play mat and gym and you love it. You stare up at the toys and love to put them in your mouth. You get upset if you can't reach them and we have to extend them with plastic loops.
-You are dazzled by the TV. We try to keep you away from it but if it is on you can't keep your eyes off it!
-You make a face we call baby Elvis where you curl your lip. It is too cute!
-You still love to be swaddled and it reminds us of when you were first born and they handed you to us. You were so sweet and tiny.
-You no longer like to burp. You get very angry when we take your bottle away from you. You crack us up because you like to be in charge at mealtime. You hold the bottle and pull it away from your mouth to pause and take a breath. We still giggle at that.
-You are a little bossy and have developed what we like to call your "spoiled cry". It is a tiny annoyed whimper and you only do it when you want something from someone. It is so funny because everyone recognizes it now. Even though you are so little you have totally mastered the art of getting exactly what it is you want.
-You have more clothes than most grown ups, much to your Daddy's dismay.
-You took your first beach trip this month and you loved it! You went swimming in the ocean and in the pool and you loved the warm water. You looked so precious in your swim suits.
-You have been spending a lot of time with your Great Grandparents and they love you to pieces. When we got back from the beach they said they were having Bennett Grace withdrawals.
-You are still staying with your Mimi Monday through Thursday and your Gigi on Fridays.
-We are transitioning you to your nursery and it has been a slow process. It is partly mommy's fault because she loves to be so close to you.

We love you so much that words do not even begin to describe it. We can not wait to watch you continue to develop and learn new things. You make every day a better day just being you.

With Love,

Mommy & Daddy

baby Elvis


  1. Where did you get the pool float in the picture? Also, when you went to the pool, did you use sunscreen on Bennett? If so, what brand/type? I'm going to be taking my 3 month old daughter to the pool soon and I'm trying to be prepared!

    1. The pool float is a baby spring float from Target. It is a little big for her so we have to turn in backwards and sit her in it so her legs don't go into the leg holes, otherwise she is too low in the water. I loved that it had a shade and she should be able to use it next summer too. We did use sunscreen on her. It is 100 SPF Waterbabies brand. It says six months and up just like the rest but I checked with the pediatrician and he said it was perfectly fine. We did test it on a little bit of her skin beforehand to make sure she didn't have a weird reaction. We kept it well away from her eyes so we put her in a sunhat that had SPF just to be safe. Hope that helps!!