Friday, August 17, 2012

Bad little blogger- anniversary, birthday and milestone edition.

Yes, yes I know. I'm falling behind in the world of blogs. Blogging with a four month old and a full time job is TOUGH!!

So what's up with the Taylors? Lots!

July 28th we celebrated our 5 year wedding anniversary. FIVE years!?!? Just five little years ago we were flipping out over a mugged groomsman and laughing over a lost wedding ring :) I have a hard time wrapping my head around how fast time has flown by- even more so when I think about the fact that we have dated for a decade in October. On the actual anniversary, I got a kick thinking about how five years earlier I was waking up early to get ready for the "big day" and now five years later we were up early to feed BGT.

July 29th Sean turned 32! We agreed no gifts but I couldn't help but get him a little something. I found an artist, Agelio Batle, who is based out of San Francisco who makes these fun little graphite sculptures that you can use like a pencil! It doesn't smear or rub off on your hand. It is the coolest little thing. He has tons of designs. I picked the pea pod, naturally since we are like peas in a pod :) If I could figure out how to add a link from the blogger app I would totally give him a plug because they are so detailed and great conversation pieces. (please disregard my unsightly fingernails in the picture- I just took the polish off and noticed it turned my nails a bit yellow eeeep! It shall be fixed pronto!)

Lastly BGT started ROLLING OVER!! I could not believe it. She has been so close and then all the sudden she went over and now you can't keep her from rolling if you wanted to! She is so funny if she is in jammies with the feet in them because her feet slide and she has a hard time flipping. She gets so mad!! I can not believe she is 4 months old tomorrow!!! UNBELIEVABLE. Yesterday I got a canvas enlargement of her newborn picture that I ordered weeks ago and it turned out perfect. I can't believe how much she's grown since it was taken. I can't wait to hang it... I posted a while back about a blank wall I have been trying to fill for YEARS and now I have the perfect picture for the spot!

4 month post to follow!


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