Thursday, August 23, 2012

Dear Bennett Grace

Dear Bennett Grace,

This past Saturday you turned four months old! As they say, time flies when you're having fun. Yesterday we had your fourth month check up and man you have grown! You were a whopping 13 lbs and 15 oz (50th percentile) and 25 inches long (70th percentile). No wonder you are growing out of all of your three month outfits.

This month you transitioned from staying with your Mimi to staying with your Gigi full time. Your Mimi was so sad to go back to school and not get to see you everyday, she told us she even got a little teary-eyed thinking about it.

You are having so much fun with your Gigi during the day. She plays with you and does exercises for your neck to help strengthen your neck because you favor one side more than the other. You love it when she sings songs, hums to you and reads you books. She also loves to give you a bath and dress you up cute for when mommy gets home. The best part about when mommy and daddy get home from work is your sweet smile. When you see us walk through the door your little face lights up and it melts mommy and daddy's hearts. As much as we hate being away from you, it makes coming home do much sweeter.

Here is a little bit of what you've been up to this month:

-YOU STARTED ROLLING OVER!!! Mommy was playing with you on your quilt and daddy was in the kitchen and you rolled right on over and then right back. You were exactly 16 weeks old. Mommy started squealing and daddy came in to figure out what was going on. We thought you were the smartest 16 week old on the planet.
-You LOVE toys. Actually you love anything that you think is a toy or anything you can pick up. We were at a restaurant the other day and you picked up a butter knife. We didn't think you were there yet, but from now on silverware of any kind it kept out of your reach. You like to play with burp cloths and mommy thinks its gross but Gigi gets tickled because it looks like you are wiping your own mouth.
-That brings us to your mouth. You put anything you can get ahold of in your mouth. If you are not holding anything your finger, fingers, knuckles, or whole hand is in your mouth.
-You are a drool bucket! It started around a month ago and hasn't let up. You live in a bib. Otherwise your precious outfits are drenched. Everyone says you are teething but the doctor said you aren't, you are just a baby :)
-We are working on transitioning you to your crib and it has not been easy on your mama! You still love to be swaddled and we were worried you would get turned over in your crib and not be able to get back over so we started putting you to sleep in asleep sack. You were not a big fan of the sleep sack vs. the warm swaddle and woke up all night! So for now you are back in the swaddle sleeping soundly in your pack n' play while we work towards getting you to your crib!
- Right now you are still in size one diapers but we plan on moving to size twos after this box because your size ones are starting to get a little snug.
- You are still wearing 0-3 and 3-6 clothing, although you are starting to grow out of the 0-3 and 3 month outfits one-by-one
- You are still pulling out the "spoiled cry" to get your way :)
- You just transitioned from eating 6 oz of breast milk 5 times a day to 7 oz 4 times a day
- You have the most wonderful giggle! It seems to get a little louder each day. You love to "talk" and you get the funniest look on your face when you are getting attention. You love to show off for people by laughing and blowing bubbles.
- Your newest favorite thing to do is to play Peekaboo. We play all the time and it makes you do happy.
- You love it when people steal your sugar and especially when we pretend to nibble your toes.
- you had your first (unplanned) Sleepover with Gigi. Mommy and Daddy were out late unexpectedly and you were already sleeping so we decided it was best to let you get a good night's sleep and stay with your Gigi. It was not easy on your mama and she almost turned the car around to get you more than once. But it all worked out and you did great at Gigi's!
-Tummy time is still hit or miss. You aren't a big fan but we are working on it and you are getting more patience for it.
- You are pushing off with your feet like crazy. We are so surprised at how determined you are and the doctor says this is your fist practice for walking!
- Last month your Gigi got you a play gym and you LOVE IT. It has precious owls hanging from the cross bars. You stare at them forever and laugh and try to put them in your mouth.
-You don't really like to be in your carseat unless you are sleepy.
- Your hair has lightening to a light brown with gold highlights. In some light your hair has a red tint.
- One of your favorite things to do is to be carried around so that you can look at everything. You look around and keep your eyes wide open taking everything in. Sometimes Mommy takes you in her closet to look at all the clothes because you love the bright colors and to run your fingers through the different fabrics. We love how curious you are about the world around you. We crack up when you watch the puppies because you laugh and follow them back and forth as they run by you.
-You still LOVE a warm bath.
- You love looking at other babies. You get a huge smile and bat your long eyelashes. You do the same thing in the mirror. You don't realize it's you. We wonder how long before you realize that the pretty baby you like to look at so much is YOU :)
-You love to watch TV... The flashing of the lights holds your attention. We are going to have to cut that out before you get too much bigger.

Baby girl, we absolutely can not get enough of you and your little "voice". We love to sit and listen to you talk and make your tiny baby noises. We have smiled more and learned to love deeper over the past four months by just having you in our lives. We love you to pieces our sweet girl.

We Love You,

Mommy & Daddy

Just a few seconds before you rolled over for the first time

Reading with Gigi

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