Monday, September 10, 2012

Operation crib

For the past week or so we have been trying to relocate our sweet baby from her pack n' play to her crib. We've had some successes and set backs.

First off she doesn't mind the crib which is great! The rice cereal however did a number on her stomach and poor thing screamed half the night for a few nights in a row. Once we got over the stomach issues and got her to the crib we had to figure out how to get her to sleep without her swaddle. We tried the sleep sack and it would ride up and in her face and so we went back to the swaddle but she would flip over and get stuck. So in the end we compromised and went back to swaddling but with her arms out. We got her in her crib for the first full night and she flipped herself over and ended up face down. She wouldn't even turn her head. My mom (Gigi) stayed the night and spent half of the night flipping her back over. The next night we tried again and same thing. We woke up in the middle of the night and found her face down on the monitor screen. When I went in her room her nose and mouth were literally nose pressed to the sheet. NIGHTMARE. So of course I ran in and flipped her over but by the time I was back to our room she had done it again. We rotated going back and forth to her and eventually we decided to let her stay asleep on her stomach but made sure her head was turned to the side. It freaked Sean out so much he slept in her bedroom floor.

So long story short, we got a movement monitor and Sean is setting it up. Until that happens she's back to the pack n' play so we can all get some sleep.

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  1. oh my goodness! #1....look at all that leopard print! or is that cheetah? either way...adorable! BGT is much more advanced in rolling than eleanor! so far E hasn't rolled in the night. did you get an angel care monitor? that is what we have and it has been awesome!