Sunday, January 20, 2013

Snow Day

I know for many people snow is a common occurrence, however in Alabama it NEVER happens. When the forecast calls for snow there is sense of immediate panic in the air and for reasons still unknown to me, grocery stores are literally emptied of bread and milk within minutes of the first forecast.

As a kid I loved it when it snowed. There was the hope that school would be cancelled and we could play in the snow all day. As an adult, regretfully I am very aware of the chaos that "snow" brings. I say "snow" because usually "snow" in Alabama means flurries and ice. Considering the fact that I handle serious injury claims for a living (many of which are caused by ice), I generally get a feeling of nostalgia mixed with dread.

This time, however, I was really excited when I heard we might see a little snow because this would mark Bennett Grace's first snow! Not to mention she might be in Kindergarten before it happens again. And it was perfect! The snow started around lunch and was actually pretty heavy by the time I decided to leave work. It was a slow but uneventful ride home and as I neared home everything turned into a winter wonderland. Even the less desirable scenery on the back way home looked so much better covered in white. Sean had taken Bennett Grace out when the first flurries started to fall, but he wanted to really venture out with her until I got home. We go BGT into her coat and headed out for pictures. Man she loved the the snow. She would crinkle her nose when the snow would blow into her face and she constantly scanned the area taking everything in. It was priceless. We got a little more snow that much of the surrounding area and it was still there in the morning and a little the following day.

All in all we had lots of fun with our mini snow day! Peace out snow. See you again in 2018.


  1. Aww! So sweet!...Thanks for stopping by the blog! I love Bennett Grace's name too! I'm looking forward to following your blog!

  2. Got to love a good southern snow! I actually did go to the store to get some milk and bread, just in case :-)
    Love your blog!