Sunday, January 13, 2013


I feel like I never have time anymore. Not time to do chores or to blog and with good reason! My munchkin is ON THE MOVE. Literally when I am not at work my time is now spent chasing her. She is so fast and in to EVERYTHING. She pulls herself up to pull things off of my coffee table and ottoman which we have now cleared. She also constantly wants to get to the fire place. And don't get me started on the dog toys. The puppies leave their toys out and if you blink she has one in her hands or inching toward her mouth. I can not even think about the germs. I guess when you are crawling around in the floor, no matter how clean it is, you certainly can't be germ free all the time.

We are working hard on no ma'am. She knows what it means and will pause and look at you and shake her head no but her short term memory and her fierce determination usually win and we end up having to pull her away from whatever it is she's not supposed to be in which usually results in one of two outcomes- meltdown of epic proportions or she pretends to play for two seconds before we are back to no ma'am again. Her favorite "no ma'am" zones are currently the area around the fireplace, the kitchen and the dog toy basket.

Houston I think it's time for baby gates.

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