Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Adventures in Baby Food

What do you get with $10 in produce, two hours and a bunch of wedding gifts you regretfully rarely get the chance to use? A ton of baby food!!

Haha! This mama has officially entered the world of homemade baby food. I have pinned a million websites and blog posts on the topic on pinterest over the past few months and have taken inspiration from here and there. I really thought it would be harder or more time consuming but it was easy-peasy. I certainly learned a few lessons that I will implore on the next go round. But overall (if the munchkin eats it) I would say it was a success!

Two disclaimers: First off, I was über excited to get started (yes its lame, I know) so I didn't check around for sales... Shame on me. Next time! Second, I should disclose that I did split it into two days an hour or less each day. Not because it was time consuming or difficult, but purely because I was a) too lazy to hand wash a bowl or two and b) because I only had 4 ice cube trays. I think next time I could pare it down to an hour for everything since I have a better idea of what I'm doing.

For my first adventure, on the menu we have: apples, peaches, sweet potatoes, green beans and sweet peas.

(I baked the sweet potato, simmered the apples and peaches and steamed the beans and peas. I used a food processor to purée each and ran them through a sieve to get them to the right texture and remove any chunks. All were frozen in ice cube trays and turned out nicely if I do say so myself!)

So on to the finished product. (and yes, I did put little labels with cutesy descriptions on each one because I embrace my inner nerd)


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