Sunday, October 21, 2012

Beaching it!

This Saturday we attended a wedding in Orange Beach so the family headed down to Perdido Key for the weekend. My parents drove down with Morgan and Bennett Grace on Thursday and I came with Lauren and Matt after work Friday. Sean had to work (boo!), so he didn't get to come.

I have to say, October is such a good time to go to the beach. The weather is PERFECT. It is still very warm in the 80s but the humidity is not as bad and the breeze off the water keeps you from sweating. The water was so clear you could see straight to the bottom and far in front of you. It was a little cold in the water but not enough to keep us out. (no where near as cold as spring break when it's still freezing!) This time of year there are tons of stingrays and they leap out of the water. We literally watched them for hours. There were also a big group of dolphins showing off not to far from the coastline on Sunday. They were beautiful to watch.

We spent all day Saturday and half of the day Sunday at the beach. Bennett Grace has grown so much since we're here last and it was so fun to watch her playing in the sand. SHE LOVED IT. She had so much fun splashing in the ocean and pool and putting her little toes in the hot tub. (it was warm not hot, don't worry this mama wasn't going to let her get overheated). She literally had a blast. She smiled and played and took in everything. It amazes me every day how big she is getting.

The wedding on Saturday was outside at the Caribe. When we arrived we were greeted with champagne and strawberries and a band playing music out on the gazebo overlooking the water where we waited to be seated for the wedding. The ceremony was just as the sun was beginning to set and was beautiful with purple orchids everywhere. Afterwards, we were off to Live Bait for the reception. The bride's father is the owner so it was a perfect choice! The orchids from the ceremony spilled over into the reception along with tons of candles. The dinner included shrimp, gumbo, lobster tails, prime rib and stuffed chicken with mashed potatoes, green beans and salad. There was an open bar so of course lots of dancing :) We were worn out after a long day so we stepped out before the couple had their big getaway.

Now we are on the way home after picking up a few things for BGT at the outlets but the parents have decided to stay at the beach for an extra night so BGT will get one more day of fun in the sun with Gigi and Papa D before heading home. Sean was a little bummed not to get to see her until tomorrow but we are so thankful she stays with Gigi instead of daycare so it's worth it for sure!

It was a great weekend with the fam and I hate it that we won't likely be back again before next spring.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!!

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