Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Checkups and Baby Gates

Today was BGT's (belated) 9 month check up! She is up to 27 inches (30th percentile) and 18 lbs 4 oz (50th percentile)! I can't believe how fast she is growing. It was funny because my mom and I were talking after the appointment and BGT at 9 months and 11 days is the same weight my youngest sister was at her 2 year old check up :) Love my chubby bunny. She also got one teensy shot today and she was so brave. I'm pretty sure I take it worse than she does.

My mom rode with me to BGT's appointment and my dad hung out at my house while we were gone. When I got home I found him working away at installing baby gates :) love my daddy! He's so handy and he LOVES BGT! They have the cutest bond. She lights up when her Papa D is around and he pays such good attention to her. She also has started to say Papa D... Still no Mommy... I'm not bitter... Really... It's totally fine... Er... Totally fine.

I can't believe we are already at baby gates. And on top of that I can't believe that today I made BGT's appointment for her ONE YEAR OLD CHECKUP. Where is time going???

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  1. Oh her boots! Love them! :) I never understood why parents always said children grew up too fast until now! I totally get it and wish there was a pause button! :)